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Meet a few of the bunnies that your donation helps.

At Triangle Rabbits, part of our mission is to help rescue rabbits, including those who may need a little extra care. Over the last nine years, we’ve been able to help more than 225 bunnies find homes of their own.

To care for the bunnies in our program, including foster supplies like food and enclosures, spay/neuter surgeries, RHDV2 vaccines, and check-ups, we have spent over $12,000 in 2023 alone! Your contribution allows us to help these rabbits, and provide care for even more rabbits in our community!
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In December of 2022 we received a call from a local shelter. A rabbit had been brought in, and overnight she gave birth to eight babies. Mama bunny desperately needed a quiet, loving place to raise her little ones. Volunteers from Triangle Rabbits answered the call, and Holly and her babies were brought into foster care. Over the winter and spring of 2023, we all watched the eight “reindeer” babies grow up. Our social media was filled with cuteness as the babies learned to hop, run, and play. Some of them would jump so high we were sure they were learning to fly! Holly had the sweetest personality, and loved to sit with her foster family for head rubs. She also enjoyed exploring in her foster home, running up and down the hallway and jumping on the furniture. We’re pleased to share that Holly has a home of her own now, and babies Comet, Vixen and Dasher have also been adopted. Gifts to our medical fund allow us to help rabbits like Holly and her babies, no matter the season.
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Meet Dug. He’s one of the friendliest rabbits to come into our foster program this year. He was rescued by an NC shelter and they asked for a bit of bunny help. This sweet guy is named after the fun-loving character and loves to come say "Hi". He's very outgoing and loves exploring his space (and your space, and possibly your neighbor's space). He loves to jump, including on the couch, and explore the house. After some exercise, there is nothing Dug likes better than a nap. In fact, he likes napping so much that he’s got his own feature on our social media on Sunday mornings this fall - be sure to check out #sleepinsunday. He loves a good head rub, and can power through some chew toys. We’re glad that we are able to help this sweet fellow on his way to a forever home.
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Hitchhiker is one lucky (and handsome) fellow! Earlier this year he was found abandoned on the side of the road. Fortunately for him, he was picked up and brought to a local veterinary hospital. He received wonderful care there, and when he was ready for a home they contacted Triangle Rabbits. Hitchhiker loved being a house rabbit and filled his days exploring and doing binkies in his foster home. He had a few bunny dates before finding his perfect match, and now he is enjoying life with his new best friend in a forever home.
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Winnie and Sandy

Winnie and Sandy had a rough go before coming to rescue. They were part of an NC cruelty case where they were found on a porch in a small cage with no food or water. We are grateful for the animal control officers who stepped in to save them, and to the foster families that have given them a loving place to call home. They have blossomed into quite the dynamic duo! Winnie enjoys pets and tolerates being held as long as treats are involved. When she's most comfortable, she's the biggest cuddle bug. Sandy will tolerate pets, but will demand food at the same time. She will jump on your lap for treats and attention, so humans get ready! They are both curious buns who love to explore and free roam, showing off their skills with their binkies and zooming. When they are not exploring, they love chewing on wood sticks and exploring tunnels and hideys. Thanks to your support this year, we were able to help Winnie and Sandy and provide them with the care they needed.
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Luigi is a young and charming rabbit with a heart as big as the Mushroom Kingdom. Just like his namesake from the Super Mario Brothers, Luigi is shy but brave, always ready for an adventure, especially if it involves willow sticks to chew. Thanks to your support, Luigi and his siblings have been able to grow up in safety and comfort. Now this cuddly companion is looking for a caring family to join, where he can channel his inner hero and spread joy with every hop. Are you ready to embark on a quest for cuddles and companionship with Luigi? He’s ready for his next adventure!
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Comet is one of Holly’s babies. He, and his eight siblings, were born in a local shelter. This little family came immediately to rescue with Triangle Rabbits. Comet was one of the most curious babies, and he loved to forage for his greens up high, buried in hay, or stuffed in a cardboard tube. His warm and friendly personality won our hearts. After exploring, he would sit or on the couch or floor near his foster family and watch TV. Toss toys were some of his favorite things and his pinecone toy got lots of chewing love. A local family saw Comet and fell in love. They decided he would be a perfect fit for their family, and now Comet enjoys life with lots of tunnels to play in, a large room for lots zoomies, and plenty of love.
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Ruby is one of the bunnies to capture our hearts this year. She was found abandoned near the NC Coast and made her way to rescue. She entertained her foster families with her fun and quirky personality. Ruby loved exploring all around her space and showed off her design skills redecorating her cardboard boxes. Ruby needed a rabbit-savvy home with a family that could appreciate her desire to give humans directions. We also learned during her time in rescue that she had a strong dislike for cats, sparking her social media reports “I hate cats and other stories”. Ruby’s reports caught the attention of a family who decided she was a perfect fit for them. Ruby is enjoying her new home, where she continues to report on her adventures.

Where does your donation go?

We work hard to give the rabbits in our care the best chance for a better life. Here's how we use your donation.

For every $1.00 donated to Triangle Rabbits in 2023:
  • $0.90 for program expenses, including vet care for foster rabbits, food, hay, and supplies like litter boxes, treats, and toys
  • $0.09 for general expenses like printing, software, paper, postage, and fees
  • $0.01 for fundraising
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