Gray Flemish giant rabbit on blue rug

Featured Local Adoptables

These rabbits are available for adoption from shelters, rescue groups, and individuals. Each group has it's own application process and adoption fees. If you are interested in meeting one of these bunnies, please contact the group or individual directly. If you are a new bunny owner, we recommend checking out House Rabbits 101.
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Finnegan *Adopted*

My name is Finnegan and I am sure that today is the day that I get adopted! I can't wait to get out of here and into my furever home where I can run around anytime I want (with my humans to supervise me, of course!). I'm quite the athlete and need lots of space to practice for my 60 in. dash event. Once I'm done with practice, I'd love to get some love and attention and maybe some crunchy treats! Bunny-safe fruits and vegetables are the best treats ever! If you are ready to take me home and be my personal best friend, then wait no longer! Go meet with an adoption specialist today at the SPCA of Wake County.
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Milo *Adopted*

My name is Milo, and I am looking for a family to call my own. I am a bit shy at first; new people can be a bit scary. Once I get to know you, I would love a nice head rub. I love banana treats, but do not like cranberries (too sour!). I am a big bunny, and will need lots of space to run and play! I like to run my bunny laps and then flop over for a nap. I am good with my litter box - my foster family said I get an "A". I am getting used to having veggies, and love parsley, and green pepper. To learn more, email Triangle Rabbits or fill out an adoption interest form!
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Is that hay for me? Oh, goody! My name is Supreme and I sure love my hay. I spend quite a bit of my day munching on hay and crunching on pellets. I also like chew toys! I'm used to spending about half my time outside of my enclosure, so I hope you have a nice bunny-safe play area for me to run around in! I'm a pretty active bunny and I'll let you know when I want attention by coming over to you! Like most rabbits, I'm not so into loud noises or being picked up, but that doesn't mean we can't have lots of fun being quiet on the ground! I can be a little shy at first, but I'm sure to come out of my shell once I know that you are where the food comes from! Adopt me today at the SPCA of Wake County!
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I'm Eddie, and I want to be your snuggle bunny! I love to relax on the couch with a nice blanket. My foster family says I am a love bug. I'm not sure about being a bug, but I do like some love! I was rescued in May along with over 100 other bunnies. My handsome fur was matted and I had a skin infection, but with a haircut and some medicine I am doing great! I need to be brushed every day to keep my fur looking it's best. I also get medicine each day for arthritis, but don't be scared. It makes me feel better so I feel like playing. To learn more, email Triangle Rabbits or fill out an adoption interest form!
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Chimi *Adopted*

Do you need some spice in your life? A roomie with the zoomies? I'm Chimi, and I may be your next best friend. I love to run and play! I am a young bunny, and I need lots of room to exercise. I may be tiny, but I can run with the big buns! I love to dig, so boxes and mats are great toys for me. Grass hay is an essential part of my diet, with a little alfalfa hay thrown in because I am a growing boy. I am learning to eat veggies, and love parsley, cilantro, and leaf lettuce. You can keep the oregano. To learn more, email Triangle Rabbits or fill out an adoption interest form!
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Alex *Adopted*

Hello! My name is Alex, I'm the coolest bun in town! As you can see, I'm very personable and outgoing. I LOVE to spend time with my humans, so I hope your home is bunny-proofed and safe for me to explore! I will follow you around and I will even nudge you to let you know that I want something. I have very powerful legs, so I can jump really high! (Better watch out or I'll be stealing your salad off of the table in no time!) Buns like me need lots of pellets and hay to munch on, and greens and veggies to crunch on, too. I don't care so much for toys. So…are you ready to love this jumping bun forever? Meet me at the SPCA of Wake County.
photo of adoptable rabbit

Liam and Benny

Hello there! I’m Liam, and I'm looking for a new home with my best friend Benny. Our mom loved us a lot, but she had to go to someplace called Africa for her job. I prefer snuggling with Benny to being petted. People who want to rub me get my disapproving face, like this. I like those puzzle toys, but Benny keeps stealing the treats out of them! My buddy Benny likes to have his head rubbed, but I prefer to nap in my box fort or explore. To learn about adopting us, email Triangle Rabbits or fill out an adoption interest form!
photo of adoptable rabbit

Poppy *Adopted*

Hello there! I'm Poppy, and I an a friendly, fun-loving girl! My foster family says I run around like a crazy rabbit - I do love my exercise! Having lots of space to play is important so I can keep in shape. I like to play on the couch, and enjoy jumping up to look out the window. I may have smuggled some hay up there for my afternoon snacks! To learn about adopting me, email Triangle Rabbits or fill out an adoption interest form!
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Hello! I'm Luna, and I'm on my way to a new life! I was rescued, along with several other bunnies, near the NC coast. I didn't get much attention from humans before, so I am learning all about people. Did you know people have treats?! And they will rub your head? I am learning so much with my foster family. They have also given me some fun toys, because I love to dig and chew (really, I am a bunny). I am good with my litter box. I also am ok with gentle dogs. I would be best in a home with some bunny-loving grown-ups, because I am still learning how to talk bunny to people. If I seem perfect for you, email Triangle Rabbits or fill out an adoption interest form!
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Max and Molly

Ahoy! Meet Max and Molly! They fancy themselves as bunny pirates, and make their toys walk the plank into the water bowl! Willow balls, beware! They enjoy salad, and need a home where they can get lots of exercise (buccaneer Max could use more exercise and fewer treats, but don’t tell him we said so). Molly is outgoing, friendly, and likes to meet new people. Max is a shy fellow, and prefers to nap in his cardboard hideout. Interested parties can email the landlubbers at Triangle Rabbits to learn more, or fill out an adoption interest form!
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