Gray Flemish giant rabbit on blue rug

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These rabbits are available for adoption from Triangle Rabbits. If you are a new bunny owner, we recommend checking out House Rabbits 101.

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Winnie and Sandy

Meet the dynamic duo Winnie and Sandy! Winnie enjoys pets and tolerates being held as long as treats are involved. When she's most comfortable, she's the biggest cuddle bug. Sandy will tolerate pets, but will demand food at the same time. She will jump on your lap for treats and attention, so get ready! Both are very food motivated and will come running when called or when the food bag/jar opens. They are both curious buns who love to explore and prefer to be in a home that offers free roaming options. This is when they show off their real skills with their binkies and zooming. They are working on their improving their litter training, and do better in a bigger space with multiple litter boxes. They love chewing on wood sticks and exploring tunnels and hideys. Both Winnie and Sandy are spayed, vaccinated for RHDV2, and ready to find their forever home! They are currently being fostered in Chapel Hill, NC.
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Petra and Bijou

Meet Petra and Bijou! Petra is a sweet girl, but still kind of shy. She readily accepts pets, and especially loves to "purr" while having her head and neck stroked. She's a whiz with food puzzles, and she especially loves puzzles with her stacking cups. She loves to rearrange things in her space, and will regularly go and redecorate after cleaning. She's not too much of an explorer! She's pretty content to sit on something soft and chill out most of the time. Her favorite treats are dried strawberries and fresh blueberries; she eats most greens and veggies, but her favorites are spinach, arugula, and carrots. Bijou is a little explorer! She loves to investigate new things and spaces in her room, and just recently she's learned about jumping up on the bed and hanging out there! She is still learning to accept pets from humans, but has made a lot of progress; she's much more high-energy and playful than her mom Petra. She loves to chew, so plenty of toys are a must for this girl. Bijou prefers hay and pellets over greens. Her favorite treat is dried strawberries. Both bunnies are spayed and vaccinated and ready for a home of their own. Currently fostering in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.
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Meet Dancer! She is about a year old and very curious about everything. She is a bit nervous with people, but does like the occasional pet on her head. She is curious about the cat and gentle dog in her foster home and will sniff them through the gate. She loves running around, exploring, and chewing everything. Dancer enjoys hanging out in her hidey houses when it's time to relax. She has a great appetite and will try anything, but romaine, basil and cilantro are favorites. She is also an escape artist and has jumped a lower 24-inch x-pen so a taller enclosure would be best for her. She is spayed, vaccinated, and ready for a home of her own. Currently fostering in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.
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Meet Mario! He's about a year old, neutered, and ready for a home of his own. He has beautiful dark brown/gray fur! Mario loves to play with his toss toys and willow sticks are some of his favorite things. He is shy when meeting new people, but warms up once he gets to know you. He enjoys his timothy hay and is always ready for snacks! He is vaccinated for RHDV2. Mario is fostering in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.
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Say hello to Prancer! She is very outgoing and will let you pet her. She tolerates being picked up but will wiggle to get down. Prancer loves romaine lettuce, but doesn't have an adventurous palate and isn't very excited about new greens. She is a great hay eater, though. She loves running around and exploring and is not destructive while out of her x-pen. She does enjoy shredding fleece. She has lots of fun in her dig box and that is her favorite toy. She is very well litter box trained. Prancer does not care for other bunnies. She is about a year old, spayed, vaccinated, and ready for a home. Currently fostering in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.
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Meet Callie. She’s a super well-behaved bun. She is excellent with her litter box and likes a tidy space. She is shy and quite easily startled by unexpected noises or fast movements so would be best in a quiet home. She enjoys company and will tend to loaf nearby on the carpet when her foster family is working, but prefers to be petted at her own pace. She likes the space to free roam very much, and expresses her appreciation with zoomies. She doesn't seem to be a picky eater and always clears her plates of greens: dandelion greens, red leaf lettuce, and green leaf lettuce are favorites. She is also a big fan of apple treats. For toys/enrichment, she absolutely loves willow baskets, palm bowls, and apple sticks. She also had lots of fun with a toy box stuffed with orchard hay. She loves simple cardboard boxes, preferring her hidey houses to be sturdy. She is about 1.5 years old, spayed, vaccinated, and ready for a home of her own. Currently fostering in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.
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Meet Cinnamon! Cinnamon is a gentle, doe-eyed girl. She enjoys pets and occasionally asks for snuggles once comfortable in her environment. She loves to play with stacking cups, dig boxes, food logic puzzles, and playing in her dig box. She prefers to keep her living area neat, which means she is great with her litter box. She loves to check out what’s happening around the house but enjoys relaxing in her space. She loves her salad, hay, and treats! Cinnamon is spayed, vaccinated, and ready for her own home. Currently fostering in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.
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Meet Piper. She is about one year old, spayed and vaccinated. She has a beautiful silky solid black coat. Piper is very outgoing and a ball of energy. She loves head rubs and back rubs when you can get a snuggle in. She tolerates being picked up but will wiggle to get down. She loves romaine lettuce and her favorite treats are carrots, strawberries and cantaloupe. She is a great hay eater. She loves running around and exploring, and isn’t scared to check out new areas. Piper is litter training very well. She enjoys digging in her litter/dig boxes. She is also a great bowl flipper! She does well with gentle dogs. Piper is ready for her forever home. Currently fostering in Wilmington, NC.
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