Gray Flemish giant rabbit on blue rug

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These rabbits are available for adoption from Triangle Rabbits. If you are a new bunny owner, we recommend checking out House Rabbits 101.

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Sasha is a model house rabbit - she is happy to help make the bed, fluff the pillows, and clean the furniture (if licking it counts)! She loves digging in blankets and pillows, but is careful not to chew or tear them up. She has perfect litter box habits and is very food and treat motivated. She is lower to medium energy level and will offer some small zoomies and binkies, but usually very happy to lounge around. She is more on the independent side but is very curious and will hop up and honk at humans when they come into her room. She's very talkative! She likes being pet, but is not a snuggle bun and needs a human who can respect her space. So far her favorite toy other than blankets has been plain brown packing paper. She also loves having a stuffed animal in her pen and grooms it often. She may be interested in a friend, or may only prefer stuffed animal friends that follow her rules. Sasha is about six years old, spayed, and vaccinated for RHDV2. She is fostering in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.
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Are you looking for an excellent conversationalist? Bentley may be your perfect match! He loves to honk and talk, and is always happy to share his opinions. He is sweet and loves pets, destroying toys, and most of all, food! He can be protective of his food and his space, so a rabbit experienced home would be a great fit for him. Bentley enjoys having lots of free time and is not a fan of his enclosure. He loves to explore - that is the most fun! He has been good with the cat in his foster home. He is about a four years old, neutered, and vaccinated for RHDV2. He is currently fostering in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.
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Fern and Rue *Adoption pending*

Mom Fern and baby Rue are ready for a home of their own. Rue is a super curious and trusting bunny, and will not think twice about exploring the whole house. She's smart and will work hard on learning tricks with consistency and positive rewards. She has the cutest baby mane and enjoys grooming herself (and Fern). When she's tired she'll lay on her side and watch her human to make sure they're not eating without her. Fern is slower to warm up, and naturally loves her dens, huts, and any little nook she can fit in. She also enjoys chilling in her litter box and renovating cardboard boxes. She likes playing with toys and chewing her bamboo treats. Fern will come out to greet her human every time, on the off chance you have a little papaya bite in your pocket. Currently fostering in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.
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Minnie and Morgan

Minnie and Morgan are very sweet and shy. They take a little bit of warming up, but once they get used to you they are very curious and playful bunnies. They do speedy laps (zoomies) when you bring them pellets in the morning and run to greet you when you have their veggies in the evening. They love to explore and free roam as well. As a bonded pair, they get along so well and take great care of each other. They would do best in a quieter home without dogs as loud noises startle them. They are also mostly litter box trained, but will need some help getting the rest of the way. They are about three years old, spayed/neutered, and vaccinated for RHDV2. They are currently fostering in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.
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Meet Ruby! She is very curious and loves to explore. Checking out all the fun things in the play space is one of her favorite activities. She is friendly with people and, while she doesn't always come up for attention she does love to be pet. She is a bit of a designer and can be picky about her personal space. She also doesn't care to share any food - humans need to get their own snack! She is about two years old, spayed, vaccinated for RHDV2, and ready for a family of her own. She enjoys snuggling with her plushy and would love a home with a bunny friend. Ruby is currently fostering in the Wilmington, NC area.
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Goji is one spicy and salty girl! This aspiring bunny ninja needs a home with rabbit experience who will enjoy her bunitude. Goji loves her hay, pellets, treats and fresh veggies. She has good litter box habits. Goji likes to be pet on the head. She's not shy about expressing her opinions and is lightning fast. She does not care for other bunnies or for the cat in her foster home and would be best in a home where she can rule the house. She is a large rabbit, so would also appreciate lots of space in her new home. She is about 1.5 years old, spayed, and vaccinated for RHDV2. She is currently fostering in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.
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Benji is a sweet, lovable bunny. He is playful once he has warmed up to his environment. His foster family adores the way he greets them when it’s breakfast/dinner time and how he dances across the carpet. He loves to hop up on people when they lay on the floor with him. Benji is very good at using his litter box. He's not a big chewer and leaves alone most things he shouldn’t be nibbling, though he does have a taste for shoes. He has proven wonderful with kids in his foster home and would be an amazing addition to any family. Benji is about 1.5 years old, neutered, and vaccinated for RHDV2. He is currently fostering in the Wilmington, NC area.
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Figgy Pudding

Figgy is a sweet, calm, big bunny who loves attention. Her favorite thing is for people to pet her. During snuggle time she will lay down and take it all in. She is very curious and enjoys exploring and munching on hay. Figgy loves treats, and mooching a few extra ones is one of her super powers. After exploring Figgy will flop out on the floor and enjoy some relaxation. She is about five years old and has very neat habits. She is spayed, vaccinated for RHDV2, and currently fostering in the Wilmington, NC area.
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