Gray Flemish giant rabbit on blue rug

Featured Local Adoptables

These rabbits are available for adoption from shelters, rescue groups, and individuals. Each group has it's own application process and adoption fees. If you are interested in meeting one of these bunnies, please contact the group or individual directly. If you are a new bunny owner, we recommend checking out House Rabbits 101.
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Maureen *Adopted*

Oooo, lordy, look at me! My name is Maureen and I bet I'm just what the doctor ordered! Have you been looking for the sweetest bun around these parts? That's me, alright! I don't love to be picked up (I am a lady, after all!), but I will let you pet my soft fur and tell me what a lovely girl I am. If you have some leafy greens or a carrot or two, oh, I just don't know if I'll be able to contain my excitement! Those are special treats, you know, and a gal like me certainly deserves to be treated. My usual timothy hay and pellets are nice, but it's so wonderful to be spoiled every once in a while. Do you have an enclosure set up for me for when you're not home to dote on me? And a bunny-proofed space for us to spend time in together? Oh, that's just swell! I think it's about time I gather my things and we mosey on out of here, don't you think? Meet me at the SPCA of Wake County!
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Carolina and Dakota

Hi there! I'm Dakota and this is my BFF Carolina. Haven't you been searching for the happiest pair of buns to add to your family? Well - here we are! We're hoping you have enough room in your home and heart for both of us. We just can't stand the idea of being without each other! We'll need a big enclosure, but we really look forward to all the adventures outside of the enclosure! Be sure to bunny-proof a space so we can safely explore our area abode. And ooh boy - I just know our new family will spoil us with all sorts of stuff from the produce aisle at the grocery store. I can already taste the kale and parsley and cilantro. YUM! Okay - let's stop dreaming and let's make this a reality. Adopt us at the SPCA of Wake County.
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I’m Flash, and I’ve got style! Not every bunny can sport this fancy hair-do. I enjoy my daily fresh greens, and I love fresh apple as a treat. My box is one of my favorite things. I can lay or sit on top and watch the world. I enjoy a nice head rub, and will sit still for pets. I like digging, so my new home will need to provide some digging fun with boxes and toys. My foster family says I have a laid back personality, but sometimes I need to tell people what to do. I am about nine months old. To adopt me, fill out an adoption interest form!
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Hello! I'm Lora! Let me tell you a bit about myself. I love food (I mean I really love it)! I will come running whenever I hear the treat bag. My favorite veggies are carrot tops, dandelion greens, and parsley. I am a good hay eater, which is important to keep my teeth in good shape and help me feel my best. I enjoy decorating, and will rearrange my blankets for hours to get them just right. I can be a bit protective of my perfect house arrangement (I spent all that time on it, you know), so I may not be best for a home with small children. I enjoy soft music and nose rubs. To learn more, email Triangle Rabbits or fill out an adoption interest form!
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I'm Ruby, and it's nice to meet you. I am a beautiful Californian bunny, and my foster family says I have the softest fur. I am a bit shy with new people, but once we become friends I would love a head rub. I like to explore and redecorate my space. Once I get things perfect, I can be a little picky about my design (humans just don't have my sense of style). I am currently fostering in Raleigh-Durham, NC. To learn about adopting me, email Triangle Rabbits or fill out an adoption interest form!
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Thumper *Adoption Pending*

I'm Thumper! I am about seven months old, and full of young bunny energy! I love to explore (and get into things), and I will need a very bunny-proofed space. I am a playful fellow, and I entertain my foster family doing binkies and zoomies all around the house. I'm working on learning bunny manners, and occasionally mistake fingers for carrot (an easy mistake to make, really). I am currently fostering in Raleigh-Durham, NC. To learn about adopting me, email Triangle Rabbits or fill out an adoption interest form!
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Clover *Adopted*

Well, how do you do? My name is Clover, and I am such a cutie! As my name suggests, I am very lucky. Why? Because you are here looking for an awesome bunny to take home! I would love to be your new furry friend. I would enjoy someone who is willing to feed me all my favorite treats, such as romaine lettuce, celery, and fresh fruit. Really want to win me over? Give me time out of my enclosure to stretch, explore, and play. For my part, I will give you all the bunny snuggles. Ask about me at the SPCA of Wake County!
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I'm Alvin, and I am the cutest, nicest bunny in the world. I know this is so, because I heard my foster family say I am a total sweetheart. When people pet me I melt into the floor in delight. I love to zoom around and do crazy binkies and leaps in and out of my condo. Exercise is important for bunnies, you know. I am on a special diet for megacolon, which sometimes affects spotted bunnies like me. My diet helps to keep my GI system in top shape so I feel my best. My favorite treats are parsley, cilantro, basil, and mint (I can't eat veggies like broccoli, but really, who wants those?). I love my hay, and my Supreme pellets! I am about two years old, neutered, and ready for a home to love me. To adopt me, visit Triangle Rabbits or fill out an adoption interest form.
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Sammy *Adopted*

Hello there! I’m Sammy, and I’m looking for a home of my own. I love to see life from the top of my cardboard box house; the view is great from there! I love bananas and raspberries (what bunny doesn’t?), but I think parsley is best left for guinea pigs. Maybe the menu at my new house will have tastier veggies. I enjoy nose rubs sometimes, but I'd rather go exploring than snuggle. Other pets might be ok, but big dogs make me nervous. If you are the perfect match for me, email Triangle Rabbits or fill out an adoption interest form!
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Pixel *Adopted*

Hello! My name is Pixel! I am looking for a new home of my very own. I love veggies, and leaf lettuce is one of my favorites. I like small pieces of celery, too! I am a mature, independent lady and I enjoy exploring and jumping on the bed. Exercise is important, and I never miss my daily run through the house. I may be little, but I can add plenty of color to your life! To learn about adopting me, email Triangle Rabbits or fill out an adoption interest form!
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