Gray Flemish giant rabbit on blue rug

Meet our rabbits

These rabbits are available for adoption from Triangle Rabbits. If you are interested in meeting one of our bunnies, you can read through our adoption procedures and send us an Adoption Interest Form. If you are a new bunny owner, we recommend checking out House Rabbits 101.
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Say "hi" to Perdita! She is a friendly bunny who likes to spend time out of her pen with family. She enjoys interacting and getting attention from her humans. She also likes playing with her cat friend in her foster home. She has very soft fur, her smoky eyes are on point, and her ears have beautiful patterning. She’s about two years old, very energetic, and is always on the move. Perdita is most active in the evenings when she eagerly waits to be let out of her pen. She is adventurous and investigates, exploring new areas to add to her running path. She loves having enough space to zoom around in circles. Her favorite toys are baby keys and cups that she can pick up and toss. Perdita already knows how to use the litter box very well.
Perdita is on a special diet because she has megacolon. She does great with a strict diet of only certain kinds of foods. She enjoys green and red leaf lettuce and especially various herbs like parsley and cilantro. To learn more about megacolon, check out our webinar Megacolon in Rabbits. Perdita is currently fostering in the Raleigh-Durham area. To learn more, fill out an adoption interest form!
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Wilbur *Adoption pending*

Meet Wilbur! His foster family thinks he is the best bunny. He will run to greet people and enjoys hanging out with his foster family, including their gentle dog. Wilbur loves to play with his toys and has a very happy personality. His favorite treats are broccoli and bananas. He always supervises during cleaning time - he needs to make sure the broom stays in its place! He is a rescued lab rabbit, about two years old, and so he can be unsure of strangers and new situations. Wilbur gets very worried during trips to the vet and will bite (let's be honest, haven't we all wanted to bite someone at the doctor's office?). He would be best with a patient, adult family where he has plenty of time to adjust to his new home. We are so happy to be able to help Wilbur get a chance for a life in a loving home. To learn more, fill out an adoption interest form! Currently fostering in the Raleigh-Durham area.
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Are you looking for an excellent conversationalist? Bentley may be your perfect match! He loves to honk and talk, and is always happy to share his opinions. He is sweet and loves pets, destroying toys, and most of all, food! He can be protective of his food and his space, so a rabbit experienced home would be a great fit for him. Bentley enjoys having lots of free time and is not a fan of his enclosure. He loves to explore - that is the most fun! He is about a three years old, and is currently fostering in Raleigh-Durham, NC. To learn more, fill out an adoption interest form!
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Arden and Quinn

Arden and Quinn are silly sisters looking for a forever family together. Quinn is a spunky lady who loves to find new places to explore and chase her sister. Arden is her mellow balance, but loves to run around with Quinn until she finds a quiet corner to flop. Both bunnies love playtime and will happily accept pets once they are lounging, or will jump in your lap to accept a treat. They are good with their litter box. Arden and Quinn’s favorite activities are chewing on their cardboard boxes, jumping on high places (including your back if you lean down), and crawling in small spaces. They love all foods, and will even try to take it out of each other’s mouths! They are currently fostering in Chapel Hill, NC. To learn more, fill out an adoption interest form!
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Meet Faith! She’s a beautiful big white bunny who does not have red eyes. She is a larger rabbit at 6-8 pounds. Faith is a hay eating champion! Bring her all the hay, and lots of it. She also enjoys her pellets and daily green salads and will grunt to let humans know when dinner is late! As a bunny who had to fend for herself in the past, she gets quite excited about meals. She is not a big chewer when she is out and about; exploring is much more fun. She loves playtime, and needs a home where she can have lots of free time to run around. She prefers being out to being enclosed, and fancies herself a bit of an escape artist. An enclosure with a top would be perfect for her. She’s working on her litter habits, and will need to continue learning in her new home. She gets along well with the cat and gentle dog in her foster home, but doesn’t care for bunny friends. Faith would be a great rabbit for a rabbit-experienced family who can read her signals, or a family that loves the idea of learning bunny-talk. Currently fostering in the Raleigh-Durham area. To learn more, fill out an adoption interest form!
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Poe and BB

Meet Poe and BB! Poe (black) is adventurous and easy going. He loves when people lay on the floor and will hop on backs or stand and lean against you; lucky people are treated to kisses. His favorite thing is running down a stretch of hallway or room to room. He dashes and soars through the air and flips his floppy helicopter ears. BB (white with spots) loves to be petted and will melt into a head rub. She likes to get to know people and prefers slow interactions, including sitting on the couch to cuddle. She has opinions and will give a thump when she has something to say! Her favorite thing is cuddling up side to side with Poe while they both get head rubs. Both bunnies enjoy playing with stacking cups, love applewood sticks, love salad and all kinds of hay and any fruit as treats. They are about two years old, and are currently fostering in the Raleigh-Durham area. To learn more, fill out an adoption interest form!
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Time to get your zoomies on! Meet Opal. He's one of our spring babies and he's ready for a home. He's about four months old, neutered, and weighs about four pounds. He loves to run in the hallway, and will shake the bars of his pen to let everyone know it is time to play! He enjoys all the fruits and veggies he has tried so far, and is great at eating his hay. He has excellent litter box habits. Opal is interested in things people are doing, and will jump up on the furniture to be part of the action. He doesn't like to be held (he's got boxes to explore!) but does enjoy being pet. Opal sports a fancy lionhead hairdo, so he does need frequent brushing to keep his fur in top shape. Currently fostering in the Raleigh-Durham area. To learn more, fill out an adoption interest form!
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Meet Hiccup! She's a sweet bunny with the cutest dewlap. She was rescued after being abandoned outdoors. Her favorite activities are napping in her cardboard box and keeping an eye on her foster humans. She enjoys interactions with people and will run up when you walk by her pen. Hiccup loves attention and will melt into a bunny puddle when someone is petting her. Her favorite snack is banana. She's about 1.5 years old, and spayed. She is a very large rabbit, so will need plenty of space in her new home. Hiccup loves people, but does not enjoy company of other bunnies. She is currently fostering in the Raleigh-Durham area. To learn more, fill out an adoption interest form!
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