Gray Flemish giant rabbit on blue rug

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These rabbits are available for adoption from Triangle Rabbits. If you are a new bunny owner, we recommend checking out House Rabbits 101.

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Meet Blitzen! He is one of Holly's babies and he's ready for his forever home. Blitzen is a very happy bunny who loves to do double and triple binkies - he will even binky off the wall! He is very curious and loves to know what is behind every door. Exploring is one of his favorite activities. He is good with nice cats and gentle dogs. Blitzen does great with eating his hay, greens, and pellets and has not met a treat he didn't like. His foster family says he is a sweet little guy. He is neutered, vaccinated for RHDV2, and ready to go home. He is currently fostering in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.
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Vixen *Adoption pending*

Meet Vixen. She's one of our reindeer babies that was born in December 2022. Vixen is about eight months old and has lots of young bunny energy. She loves to run and play! Exploring is one of her favorite activities. She will tolerate petting, but is too busy running around to sit still for long. A home with lots of space would be perfect! She loves to chew so bunny proofing will be important in her new home. She does seem interested in the other bunnies in her foster home, so she might enjoy having a friend in the future. Vixen is spayed, vaccinated, and ready for a home of her own. Currently fostering in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.
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Fern and Rue

Mom Fern and baby Rue are ready for a home of their own. Rue is a super curious and trusting bunny, and will not think twice about exploring the whole house. She's smart and will work hard on learning tricks with consistency and positive rewards. She has the cutest baby mane and enjoys grooming herself (and Fern). When she's tired she'll lay on her side and watch her human to make sure they're not eating without her. Fern is slower to warm up, and naturally loves her dens, huts, and any little nook she can fit in. She also enjoys chilling in her litter box and renovating cardboard boxes. She likes playing with toys and chewing her bamboo treats. Fern will come out to greet her human every time, on the off chance you have a little papaya bite in your pocket. Currently fostering in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.
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Opal *Adopted*

Look who is ready for a home - it’s Opal! This beautiful girl needed emergency hip surgery when she came to rescue in November 2022. She is healed and ready for a home of her own. Her hip will continue to solidify the false joint for several more months, but she doesn't need to wait until then to be adopted and we’re so excited for her! Opal is very nosy and into everything. If she even *thinks* you have food in your hand she closes her eyes, opens her mouth, and goes in for the bite - hilarious! She likes to explore and is curious about everything, but when it comes down to it she loves a good head rub the most. Her mobility is great; she is still building up strength in her surgery leg. Opal is about 2 years old, spayed and vaccinated for RHDV2. She is currently fostering in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.
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Meet Mario! He's about eight months old, neutered, and ready for a home of his own. He has beautiful dark brown/gray fur! Mario loves to play with his toss toys and willow sticks are some of his favorite things. He is shy when meeting new people, but warms up once he gets to know you. He enjoys his timothy hay and is always ready for snacks! He is vaccinated for RHDV2. Mario is fostering in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.
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Luigi is about eight months old and ready for a home of his own. He is very friendly and outgoing and loves to be petted. His favorite salad green is romaine lettuce, and he loves chewing his willow sticks. Luigi also loves to climb, so extra bunny-proofing is a must in his new home. He is neutered and vaccinated for RHDV2. Luigi is currently fostering in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.
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Winnie and Sandy

Meet the dynamic duo Winnie and Sandy! Winnie enjoys pets and tolerates being held as long as treats are involved. When she's most comfortable, she's the biggest cuddle bug. Sandy will tolerate pets, but will demand food at the same time. She will jump on your lap for treats and attention, so get ready! Both are very food motivated and will come running when called or when the food bag/jar opens. They are both curious buns who love to explore and prefer to be in a home that offers free roaming options. This is when they show off their real skills with their binkies and zooming. They are working on their improving their litter training, and do better in a bigger space with multiple litter boxes. They love chewing on wood sticks and exploring tunnels and hideys. Both Winnie and Sandy are spayed, vaccinated for RHDV2, and ready to find their forever home! They are currently being fostered in Charlotte, NC.
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Say hello to Dug. This sweet guy is named after the fun-loving character and loves to come say "hi". He's very outgoing and loves exploring his space (and your space, and possibly your neighbor's space). He loves to jump, so a tall enclosure or an enclosure with a roof would be best for him. He enjoys attention and is not shy about climbing on laps for pets. He was good with the cat in his foster home. Chew toys are his favorites, so plenty of those please! Dug is about two years old, neutered, and vaccinated for RHDV2. He's ready for his next adventure! Currently fostering in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.
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Meet Dancer! She is about eight months old and very curious about everything. She is a bit nervous with people, but does like the occasional pet on her head. She is curious about the cat and gentle dog in her foster home and will sniff them through the gate. She loves running around, exploring, and chewing everything. Dancer enjoys hanging out in her hidey houses when it's time to relax. She has a great appetite and will try anything, but romaine, basil and cilantro are favorites. She is also an escape artist and has jumped a lower 24-inch x-pen so a taller enclosure would be best for her. She is spayed, vaccinated, and ready for a home of her own. Currently fostering in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.
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Say hello to Prancer! She is very outgoing and will let you pet her. She tolerates being picked up but will wiggle to get down. Prancer loves romaine lettuce, but doesn't have an adventurous palate and isn't very excited about new greens. She is a great hay eater, though. She loves running around and exploring and is not destructive while out of her x-pen. She does enjoy shredding fleece. She has lots of fun in her dig box and that is her favorite toy. She is very well litter box trained. Prancer does not care for other bunnies. She is about eight months old, spayed, vaccinated, and ready for a home. Currently fostering in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.
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Hi! My name is Mumford. I am an all black mini-Rex with fur like velvet. I promise that once you start petting me you won’t want to stop, which is fine with me, since I am a sweet boy who loves to hunker down for some love after a good romp around exploring. I am litterbox trained and love to beg for treats. I am about a year old and would love a family who would enjoy my acrobatics and my sweetness. Mumford is neutered, vaccinated, and ready for a home of his own. Currently fostering in the Wilmington, NC area.
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