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Resources for Animal Shelters

Triangle Rabbits works with local animal shelters and rescues to support education about companion rabbits and create a humane community. These resources are available to download and post in your facility or distribute to adopters.
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Comprehensive Adoption Packet: DIGITAL. This ten page adoption packet is best for downloading, but can be printed. The PDF can be sent as an email attachment or downloaded from your website.
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Comprehensive Adoption Packet: PRINT. This version of our ten page adoption packet is high resolution and best for printing.
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Rabbit Care. This is a single sheet, front and back, rabbit care handout for easy printing. This handout would be best suited for giving to the public when a paper copy works best, but can also be offered as a digital download.
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RHDV2 flyer. This PDF is a single sheet and offers information about protecting rabbits from RHDV2. It encourages people to ask their vet about the new vaccine offered to rabbits in North Carolina. This handout is included at the end of our comprehensive adoption packet.
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Shelter Training for Rabbits. This handout is intended to help shelter staff learn more about working with domestic rabbits, including intake, handling, housing, and enrichment.
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Rabbits & RHDV2 from House Rabbit Society. This PDF is a single sheet, front and back, and includes information about RHDV2, protecting your rabbit, and multi-pet households.

Rabbit Rescues:

Looking for rescue recommendations? Visit our Rescues and Shelters page to find rescues that work with rabbits in your area.

Rehoming Resources:

Many families prefer to find a new home for their rabbit themselves. These articles have great re-homing information.

Finding a Home for an Unwanted Rabbit
How to Rehome your Rabbit

Never turn rabbits loose outdoors. If you need to surrender an animal immediately, please contact your local animal shelter or humane society.
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