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Triangle Rabbits' Outreach Center

In 2019, the Triangle Rabbits board of directors set a five year goal to launch an Outreach Center. Our vision was to create a space not only to save more rabbits, but also to host classes and workshops about rabbits and rabbit care, provide high quality supplies for rabbits, and serve as a gathering place for our rescue community. We are so excited to have achieved this milestone and would love to share our journey with everyone!
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Our first look at the space - lots of wallpaper, scary carpet, and old paint - but good bones!
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Volunteers pull out old baseboards.
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Saying goodbye to that scary carpet!
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And goodbye to the old wallpaper, too!
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Every wall was prepped for a fresh coat of paint, including the very (very) green bathroom.
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Our crack sanding team!
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Lots of repairs were needed, including fixing the doors so they would close properly.
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The walls were painted in a fresh cream color - much brighter!
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Volunteers organized supplies for our foster bunnies. Foster homes will be able to pick up supplies from the Center.

Our Progress

Our Hop Shop opened its doors in March 2024 and is now open every Saturday morning. Shoppers can order online for pick-up or come shop in person. Our store is 100% volunteer run, and all proceeds from the store support our foster program and the Outreach Center. Through the Hop Shop we are able to provide food, hay, and litter for foster rabbits with convenient local pick up for foster family volunteers. We are also able to provide a central location for organizing and distributing supplies donations from our kind supporters for our foster bunnies.

We love the new Hop Shop, but we're not stopping there! Work continues on the Outreach Center - we still have a long way to go, and we know with our amazing volunteer team and generous community support we will get there! Volunteers have been giving their time to demo, clean, paint, sand, install wifi and security, decorate, organize, and the list goes on! We are beyond grateful for our volunteer community.

Looking ahead to the next five years, we have many aspirations for this space and hope to provide more services for our community including bunny day spa services, a pet food pantry to help keep animals in their homes during times of need, and workshops and classes to help people learn to take the best care of their companion rabbits. We also hope to house foster rabbits at the Center and grow our volunteer team to support their care.
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New floors for the Hop Shop!
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Time to put together shelves for all the fun products!
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Super excited to start stocking the store!
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So many treats! They look amazing on our new display wall.
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The store is ready to open!
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Volunteers test out the store in March 2024, and it opens for in person shopping in April 2024.

Support the Center

Over the last 10 years Triangle Rabbits has grown from a small community group to a dedicated organization that goes above and beyond to provide a safe haven for rabbits in need. In 2023 alone, over 75 rabbits were given a second chance at a happy and healthy life. The commitment of our volunteer team is inspiring and their impact on the community is immeasurable. With your generous support, Triangle Rabbits can look forward to 10 more years of care, love and compassion for companion rabbits in need.
Triangle Rabbits is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving North Carolina, U.S.A.