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Allergies Explained: A Guide for People Living With House Rabbits

Rabbits and hay

Thinking about getting a pet rabbit, but worried you might be allergic? Answers to questions like what are allergies, who gets allergies, what are allergens, what about rabbit allergens, what about hay are briefly answered. Also included are tips for allergy relief.

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Rabbit treats! One Bunny's Review

Autumn with a willow wreath

Autumn the rabbit reviews some of her favorite kinds of treats for rabbits. These include fruit, crunchy treats, hay and hay cubes, willow and kudzu, and fresh herbs. With such a variety, you are certain to find a treat your rabbit will love! She also discusses treats that should never be fed to rabbits, like those with seeds, nuts, or yogurt dipped treats.

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E. Cuniculi - A Guide for Rabbit Caretakers

Harley, a rabbit with e. cuniculi

Encephalitozoon Cuniculi, or E. cuniculi. If you have ever heard those words uttered by your vet in reference to your pet rabbit, no doubt you have left the office with more questions than answers. It is by all accounts, a very perplexing disease and I will attempt to shed some light on it here, as well as put some practical applications on it for us who live with rabbits in our home. What is it? What happens when once the rabbit is infected? What are the symptoms? What tests are there for e. cuniculi? What treatments are there? Examples of e. cuniculi rabbits. What now?

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Five Myths About Rabbits to Consider this Easter

Winston, an agouti rabbit

Rabbits are a familiar symbol of the Easter holiday, and many people consider adding a rabbit to their family this time of year. As gifts, plush or chocolate rabbits are much better choices, both at Easter and other times. Here are several myths and truths about rabbits to consider this holiday season.

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​Love it or Leave it? Ideas for bunny housing

Active bunny with enrichment opportunities

One of the most common questions that we are asked is, “what is the best type of housing for my bunny?” Fortunately, there are many easy, budget-friendly alternatives to store-bought cages that can be modified to best suit your home – and your bunny. Exercise pens, rabbit condos, and large or extra large dog crates, with added shelves, all make great rabbit housing for house rabbits. Most indoor cages sold for rabbits are not suitable for them.

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