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Festive and safe: Have a rabbit friendly holiday season

Louise and the little cardboard tree

The holidays are here! It’s a favorite time of year for gathering with friends and family and celebrating being together. Here are some tips to keep your rabbit safe, while also including him/her in holiday festivities. Read more

Rabbit Proofing Your Home: Tips and Tricks

Keep cords safe inside clear plumbing tubing

Learning how to bunny-proof your home is an important part of living with a house rabbit. When you bunny-proof, you are making a safe space for your companion rabbit to live and play. Here are some some tips for making your home safe while not looking like you’ve lost your mind. Read more

Grieving a Pet Rabbit or Other Animal

Pet urns

You enter the house and there is no pitter-patter of paws. The food and water bowls do not need to be filled any longer. Toys lie untouched on the floor. You threw out the rest of the food and treats or gave them to someone else who could use them weeks ago. Now what?

Not everyone understands the loss of a pet. Grieving a pet is real. It is common, but everyone's grief is also unique.

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Power of Play: Enrichment for Rabbits

Rabbit with toys to chew

Enrichment is an important part of rabbit care. To help keep them active and healthy, choose the best toys for your rabbit, keep them busy on a budget, and change their environment regularly.

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Growing Wheatgrass for Your Rabbits

Wheatgrass is easy to grow in a container at home, and makes a tasty treat for your rabbit. Just follow these simple steps and in a couple of weeks, your rabbit will have a fresh, nutritious treat!

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