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About Triangle Rabbits

Our misson

Our mission is to educate people about having house rabbits as companions, assist people with finding information to take the best care of their rabbits, help rabbits in local animal shelters through volunteering and networking, and rescue and rehabilitate domestic rabbits so they can find loving, permanent homes.

Our vision

Every domestic rabbit thrives in a loving, committed home.

Our philosophy

We believe domestic rabbits are companion animals and should live in indoor human housing as family members. We view each rabbit as an individual, regardless of breed or temperament, and treat them with dignity and respect. We believe rabbits are intelligent, social animals that require enrichment and interaction with people, other rabbits, and/or other companion animals. We promote spay/neuter and appropriate care, including a healthy diet, a safe and roomy enclosure, daily exercise, and regular veterinary care. We encourage adoptions of homeless rabbits from foster homes, shelters and rescue groups.

Our values

Our work will be guided by our core values:
Respect: We respect each companion rabbit in our care as an individual. We treat one another with dignity and respect.
Compassion: ​We show kindness and compassion towards companion rabbits in our care and towards one another in our volunteer community.
Community: We are committed to being a positive force in a community of people and other organizations committed to helping companion rabbits. We aim to be a leader in humane education to support our vision of loving, knowledgeable homes.
Integrity: We work to maximize the impact of our time and our resources for helping companion rabbits. We are transparent about our programs and how donations are spent. We strive to build a sustainable organization that will continue to be a resource for companion rabbits and their families.

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Triangle Rabbits is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving North Carolina, U.S.A.