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Bunny Behavior

Understanding bunny behaviors is important to maintaining a happy, healthy rabbit. Every bunny is different, with personalities ranging from very shy to the most outgoing. Here are some articles to help you get to know your bun, and ideas for resolving some common behavior issues.

Bonding Rabbits

Most rabbits enjoy living with a companion. It is often easier to adopt an already bonded pair, but if you have a single rabbit and would like to bring home a friend check out these articles.
What about rabbits with other animals? It is possible to have rabbits live with both cats and dogs. It is important to watch closely any time you have predator animals with your rabbit. If your cat scratches or bites your rabbit it can be very dangerous and you will need to see a vet as soon as possible. Cat scratches should be considered an emergency.
Rabbit Dog Introductions
Rabbit Cat Introductions

Common Behavioral Questions

My child wants a rabbit - now what?
Rabbits are not always a good choice for families with very young children. It depends on the personality of the rabbit and the personality of your child. The big question to ask is "Do you, the adult, want a rabbit?" Here are some things to consider when your child asks for a rabbit:
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