photo of a black and white rabbit

Meet a few of the bunnies that your donation helps.

At Triangle Rabbits, part of our mission is to help rescue bunnies with medical needs on their road to recovery. In caring for both illnesses such as respiratory infections, and other medical needs like mites, cuterebra, or arthritis, we spent over $7,400 on vet care in 2018! Your contribution allows us to help these rabbits, and provide care for even more "fixer-upper bunnies"!
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Meet Thea, one of our first 2019 rescues. Thea was surrendered to a local shelter this winter. Thea's foster family noticed that she was unusually quiet. We took her to the veterinarian right away. Thea's exam and follow up x-rays revealed a large uterine tumor. When Thea had her spay surgery, she lost a whole pound! Thankfully the tumor had not spread, and her prognosis is excellent! Thea's story shows us the importance of spay and neuter, and reminds us that rabbits hide illness so getting care when they are not behaving normally can be life saving. Thea is a happy bunny now, running around and playing on the couch! She still has plenty of energy for a senior bunny, and she's ready for a home of her own!
photo of Willia, a gray rex rabbit
William came to Triangle Rabbits from a hoarding case in the NC Triad area where local animal control officers found 138 rabbits living in unsanitary conditions. This sweet fellow has been battling a respiratory infection, and has needed culture and sensitivity testing to make sure he gets the correct medicine, antibiotics, and antifungals. William has been a trooper through all his treatment, and doesn’t mind taking his medicine too much. He’s enjoying his foster home and spends his time napping under the coffee table.
photo of Rosie, a gray lop rabbit
Rosie came to Triangle Rabbits from the same hoarding case in the NC Triad area. She also had a respiratory infection, but hers thankfully was not as severe as William’s. She recovered after treatment with antibiotics, and has been adopted into her forever home. Now she enjoys her new life with a wonderful family and loves to nap on the air vents.
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Poppy was surrendered to a local NC shelter with cuterebra, which are nasty parasites that get under the skin of rabbits (and cats and dogs). Poppy unfortunately had several of them, so our veterinarian removed them under anesthesia and treated her wounds. Poppy also needed antibiotics to prevent infection. She’s completely recovered, and has even started her own bunny hashtag on Instagram! You can follow her antics at #poppyishoppy.

Where does your donation go?

We work hard to give the rabbits in our care the best chance for a better life. Here's how we use your donation.

For every $1.00 donated to Triangle Rabbits in 2018:
$0.49 for vet care for foster and shelter rabbits
$0.30 for food, hay, and supplies like litter boxes, treats, and toys
$0.05 for fundraising, including the cost of events
$0.16 for general expenses, like cleaning supplies, facility maintenance, paper and postage
Want to learn more about the work we do? Download our 2018 Year in Review!
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Triangle Rabbits is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and a chapter of the House Rabbit Society, serving the Triangle area (Wake, Durham, Orange, and surrounding counties) of North Carolina, U.S.A.