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Meet a few of the bunnies that your donation helps.

At Triangle Rabbits, part of our mission is to help rescue bunnies with medical needs on their road to recovery. Over the last seven years, we’ve been able to help more than 140 bunnies find homes of their own.

In caring for both illnesses, such as ear infections, and other medical needs like mites, eye infections, and dental care, we have spent over $10,000 on vet care in 2021 alone! Your contribution allows us to help these rabbits, and provide care for even more bunnies!
photo of a white rabbit


Late one night, a local family saw a white rabbit on the side of the road. Thankfully for Millie, they stopped to help. She was not in good shape with an eye injury and multiple bite wounds. They brought her inside and contacted Triangle Rabbits for help. Much to everyone’s surprise, shortly after being rescued Millie had babies! Millie and her babies, Neatly and Wallow, have been getting the care they need with one of our amazing foster families. Millie needed several courses of antibiotics for her eye infection, and additionally had an ear infection and a respiratory infection that needed attention. She has had a long road for recovery and we're happy to share that she is doing much better. We hope that, before long, this bunny family will be ready for a home of their own.
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Henry found his way to Triangle Rabbits through one of our NC shelter partners. Poor Henry had rabbit syphilis, coccidia, and ear mites. A visit with a great vet team got him on the road to recovery. Thanks to donor support, we were able to get him the medicines he needed. During his convalescence Henry may have read a little too much house dragon advice (thanks, Sophia), and decided to test out his own dragon skills on his foster person’s feet. Fortunately they were well versed in bunny behavior and equipped to care for an aspiring dragon! Henry was adopted this summer into a wonderful home that appreciates him just as he is.
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Beautiful Perdita came to Triangle Rabbits from a local veterinarian. She has a genetic condition called megacolon that can cause irregular shaped stools (learn more in our webinar). It’s important to keep her digestive system in top shape, and a healthy diet with plenty of hay, good quality pellets, and greens like lettuces and herbs keep her feeling her best. She’s not into sweet treats (they are not recommended for bunnies with megacolon) and she’s ready to find a fellow health nut to be her new best friend. She likes to supervise her foster family’s workouts and always encourages extra zoomies! After exercising it’s time to relax on the couch; bunnies and humans have earned it! We're happy to be able to help rabbits like Perdita, and to help people learn about caring for rabbits with her unique needs.
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Patch and his best friend Muffin came back into our care in 2020. Patch is a senior rabbit who has battled respiratory and middle ear infections, requiring multiple trips to the vet and medication. Through it all he's kept a good appetite and sweet personality. Patch will always need careful follow up care to monitor his ear. We're grateful to their amazing foster family for giving lots of taxi rides, love, and salad.
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Mist was abandoned outdoors and was found running loose in the NC Triad area. She became part of Triangle Rabbits when a local shelter contacted us. She was very shy and likely to be overlooked. Mist has bloomed in foster care and shows her sweet (and a little sassy) personality now! She loves to explore and feels no space is off limits, including the shower. She loves to do zoomies when no one is watching (she has a reputation to maintain, after all) and then flop out on the floor. Helping shy bunnies learn to trust people is an important part of our foster program, and we couldn’t do it without your support!
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Wilbur is a rescued lab bunny who is getting his second chance. He came to Triangle Rabbits through a local shelter and had a serious bout with GI stasis. It took a lot of time and special care from his foster family and an amazing vet team to get him back on track. He's a cautious fellow and likes to get to know people at his own pace. He's become comfortable in his foster home and is quite social with his foster family. He loves to eat (bananas are a favorite) and play. He loves his toys and hay mats, and is so happy to have plenty of room to run around. We're pleased to be able to help Wilbur on his way to a new life as a house rabbit.

Where does your donation go?

We work hard to give the rabbits in our care the best chance for a better life. Here's how we use your donation.

For every $1.00 donated to Triangle Rabbits in 2021:
  • $0.91 for program expenses, including vet care for foster rabbits, food, hay, and supplies like litter boxes, treats, and toys
  • $0.09 for general expenses like printing, software, paper, postage, and fees
  • less than $0.01 for fundraising
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