Thank you for considering adoption! There are many rabbits in our area who are looking for their forever homes.

Visit our Adopt and Care sections to learn about the specific needs of a rabbit. Rabbits can live for more than 10 years, and have different needs than other animals, so you want to be sure a rabbit is right for you.

When you are ready for a rabbit, we can help you find the right friend!
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A New Year filled with baby bunnies!

In late January we helped move two pretty girls, Nora and Hanna, from the county shelter to the SPCA bunny program. Both girls surprised all of us the following week with five babies each! Moms and babies are doing great! These are Nora's babies at four weeks old.

Ten baby bunnies eat a lot! We could use your help with donations of young rabbit food and alfalfa hay for the moms and babies. Food can be purchased locally and dropped off at AniMall Pet Adoption and Outreach Center, or ordered from our Amazon Wish List. You can also give directly. Thank you for supporting the bunnies!

Visit our Facebook page to get baby bunny updates!
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Rabbit Day is Coming!!!

Get ready for Rabbit Day 2015! Rescues will be there, including Dance with the Bunnies, the SPCA of Wake County, APS of Durham, Carolina Pet Rescue, and Smokey's Bunny Haven. Meet their adorable adoptables!

Avian and Exotic Animal Care will be there to answer all your questions about rabbit health. They can also give your bunny a pedicure!

Bring your family and prepare to be overcome with cuteness!

Saturday, February 28, from 10am-4pm at AniMall Pet Adoption and Outreach Center in Cary, NC.
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Six Bunnies in Need

Our friends at Avian and Exotic Animal Care are working to help six bunnies find new homes. Their beloved person passed away, and now Havoc, Pixie and Tinker, Hope and Chance, and Calamity are in need of families. If you are interested in adopting one or two of these wonderful buns, please call Avian and Exotic Animal Care at 919-844-9166.
About Us

Triangle Rabbits is a non-profit, all volunteer, rabbit advocacy group dedicated to supporting rabbit rescue and promoting humane education.

As a non-profit organization, we depend on donations from people like you to help us continue our mission of helping companion rabbits. Please consider making a donation to the cause. To make an online contribution, please visit our Giving page.

We are always in need of volunteers to join our team. If you are interested in helping with events, fostering a rabbit, or helping with fundraising, drop us a line at
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Rabbit Day is coming!
Mark your calendars for Rabbit Day 2015 - Saturday, February 28! Plan to join us for this annual day of celebrating rabbits and rabbit rescue. We will have educational displays, games, prizes, crafts, and of course, bunnies! 10am-4pm, AniMall Pet Adoption and Outreach Center, Cary.
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SPCA K9-3K - Saturday, April 18, Downtown Raleigh
We are walking for the bunnies! Come support the SPCA's Bunny Program and help promote rabbit adoption at the annual SPCA K9-3K Dog Walk. Grab your bunny shirt and come join us. If you don't want to walk, you can support our team. Proceeds from this event support the SPCA of Wake County.

Local Adoptables!

Check out our featured local adoptables! Our gallery features rabbits that...
  • are in local rescues or shelters
  • are in need of rescue or foster placement
  • are fostering with good samaritans and in need of homes
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Dance with the Bunnies
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SPCA of Wake County
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Carolina and Magnolia
Dance with the Bunnies
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WCAC/Triangle Rabbits
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Hope and Chance
Avian and Exotic Animal Care
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Dance with the Bunnies
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Courtesy Posting
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Avian and Exotic Animal Care

Our mission is to educate people about having house rabbits as companions, assist bunny parents with finding the information they need to take the best care of their rabbits, and help rabbits in local animal shelters through our volunteer efforts.

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Connect with Us!
Find us online to see what we're up to, RSVP for events, and talk bunny!

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Our rescue and humane education efforts depend on the generosity of supporters like you! Funds we raise go towards needed supplies and medical care for shelter and rescue rabbits.