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It's Baby Rabbit Season!

We've been getting lots of questions lately about wild baby bunnies. If you, or your dog, finds a nest of wild baby bunnies here's what to do:

FAQ: Orphaned Baby Rabbits
The best thing you can do is put the bunny right back where you found him, in the general area, as the Mom will only come back at night to call and find him. Leave the area. If the bunny is injured, please contact a wildlife rehabilitator or rabbit vet immediately.

Triangle Area Wildlife Rehabilitators
For more local resources jump to our Care page.
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New - Local Adoptables!

This page will serve as a listing for rabbits who are in need for a variety of reasons.
  • Rabbits in rescues or shelters that have been waiting a long time
  • Rabbits that are in need of rescue or foster placement
  • Rabbits that are fostering with good samaritans and are in need of homes
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Recycle Your Stuff! Triangle Rabbits Yard Sale!

It's time for spring cleaning! We are participating in a local neighborhood yard sale on Saturday, May 3. If you have stuff we can sell for the bunnies, let us know! Funds from this sale will be used for spay/neuter surgery for shelter bunnies in need. Thank you!

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Are You a Rabbit Person?

Are you the right kind of person to live with a rabbit? Would a rabbit be the right pet for you? Rabbits make wonderful companions for the right people.

Keeping Company with Rabbits

Are rabbits soft and fuzzy? Most definitely. Are rabbits as cuddly as they look? Not necessarily. Is a rabbit more like a cat or a dog? Neither. A rabbit is like a rabbit.
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Our mission is to educate people about having house rabbits as companions, assist bunny parents with finding the information they need to take the best care of their rabbits, and help rabbits in local animal shelters through our volunteer efforts. On our site you'll find information about rabbit care, heath, and behavior, a listing for local veterinarians, places to find bunny supplies, and much more!
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Upcoming Events
5/3: Yard Sale Fundraiser, 8-11am, Clayton, NC
We will be collecting items to sell to raise money for spay/neuter surgeries for the Granville bunnies. To donate items please contact us!

Stay tuned for summer events! Our annual Ice Cream Social is coming in June!

RSVP for all events HERE.
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