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Featured Local Adoptables

These rabbits are available for adoption from shelters, rescue groups, and individuals. Each group has it's own application process and adoption fees. If you are interested in meeting one of these bunnies, please contact the group or individual directly. If you are a new bunny owner, we recommend checking out House Rabbits 101.
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We love big white bunnies! Willow is a wonderful rabbit looking for her new home. She is a bit shy at first, but warms up when she gets to know you. She has a sweet personality and enjoys toys more than any bunny we have met. She is good with her litter box, and likes all kinds of veggies. To meet Willow, stop by the SPCA of Wake County.
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Meet Button! She is a six month old American Chinchilla rabbit. She was born this past summer in foster care after her mom was rescued from being abandoned outdoors. Button is a sweet girl who enjoys a good head rub. She likes willow balls, and playing in her cardboard castle. Button is spayed and ready to find a home and family to love her. You can meet her at AniMall Pet Adoption and Outreach Center. For an adoption application, contact us!
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Gagas *Courtesy Post*

Gagas is a wonderful rabbit in need of a new home. He needs more time and attention than his family can give him, so they want to find him a loving home. He was found five years ago, starving, and with infected wounds. His family took him in, provided for his needed surgery and medicine, and nursed him back to health. He is neutered, litter trained, and a great rabbit. He is located near Columbia, SC. For more information, please contact Josh at
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Finley is a wonderful fellow looking for a new home. He loves ramps to climb up, hay to eat (lots of timothy!), and plenty of toys to chew. He enjoys his exercise time, and needs plenty of playtime each day. He is a skilled jumper! Finley is a special needs rabbit because he needs to have eye drops every day for glaucoma in one eye. He doesn’t mind too much, and after his drops he is ready to explore some more. To meet him, stop by the SPCA of Wake County.
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Buddy *Courtesy Post*

Buddy is a handsome three year old Lionhead rabbit. He is gentle, but can be shy with new people and young children. He is a bit of a couch potato, and likes to sit with you while you watch tv or your favorite movie. He is not yet neutered. For more information contact Emma at Located in Coats, NC.
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Frankie is one of the sweetest bunnies you will ever meet. She is very mild mannered, enjoys being petted and is very tidy in her cage. She does not appear to be a big chewer (although you should always be prepared for chewing when you bring a new rabbit home!). Frankie would love to find a home where she can have a bunny companion, or with a family who can spend lots of time with her. Please visit Carolina Pet Rescue to submit an adoption application today!
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Venus & Serena *Adopted*

Venus and Serena are TWO awesome bunnies! They are best friends, and want to live together forever. They need a nice, spacious enclosure and lots of time out for exercise. These girls are excellent interior decorators, and will rearrange their enclosure as they see fit. They enjoy a variety of leafy greens, fruits, and veggies, and love hay and nutritious rabbit pellets. To meet them, come by the SPCA of Wake County.
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Mazie *Special Needs*

Miss Mazie is ready to find her forever home! This little girl came to our local emergency clinic with head tilt. She has completed her treatment and is doing great! She has a slight tilt now, giving her a charming and curious look. She loves attention and being with people, and needs a home where she can run around and be part of the family. To learn more about Mazie, contact us!
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