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Rabbit Day 2018
Sunday, February 25, 12pm-4pm
AniMall Pet Adoption and Outreach Center, Cary, NC

Come learn all about house rabbits as companions, join one of our mini-classes, and shop for toys and treats!

Save the date! Join us for our 11th annual Rabbit Day/Winter Bunfest! Our theme is the ABCs of Being a Bunny, and we will be launching our new community program - Books and Bunnies! There will be displays and mini-classes throughout the afternoon on topics regarding rabbits as indoor pets. Local shelters will bring adoptable rabbits to the event. We will also be raising funds with local vendors to support rescue.

Our new Books and Bunnies program will engage young readers by letting them reading books of their choice to our bunnies. Books and bunnies will allow children to foster a relationship through a relaxed atmosphere, so that our very social bunnies will feel comfortable approaching the children to receive love and attention. We would love to see you and your friends and family at the event!


Meet adoptable rabbits
Learn about rabbit care
Get great housing tips
Shop for bunny toys
Meet local bunny people


12:30pm - Bunny 101, the ABCs of Rabbit Care
1:30pm - Bunny Bonding, A Tale of Two Rabbits
2:30pm - From Padded Crates to Racing Carts, Special Needs Stories of Strength and Valor
Classes are 30 min each

Toys and Treats

Shop for something special for your bunny!
Toys from Bunderland Bunny Toy Emporium
Organic willow wreaths and apple branches from Beloved Community
Bunny biscotti from Bunfectionary

A portion of the proceeds from all toy and treat sales will support rabbit rescue!


Learn about volunteer opportunities in the Triangle area. No matter what skills you have, bunnies have a job for you! Volunteer with us in 2018!

Fostering and volunteering information sessions:

Thank you to our sponsors, vendors, and rescue friends for making this event possible!